My work exhibited at the Art Nordic Exhibition in Copenhagen

One of my photographs 'Floating sunset' has been selected as 1 of the 40 printed works to be on display at the Art Nordic Exhibition in Copenhagen from 20th to 22nd April.

The exhibition's focus is on the aspects of Minimalism. One of the most prominent movements in contemporary photography that puts the emphasis on what was left out, disregarded from the frame, rather than on what was included.

Art Nordic - northern Europe's largest International Art Fair taking place at in the middle of Copenhagen, Denmark. So if you are in the neighbourhood, or happen to live in the area, go and have a look! Mine is just 1 of 40 stunning photographs exhibited.

Pretty exciting stuff! Check the selected work below...

 Floating Sunset

Project: Port Arthur Holiday Park

A while back the Port Arthur Holiday Park requested me to photograph their accommodation and sites for promotional purposes. This ranged from unpowered tent sites to stunning cabins.

Having lived on the Tasman Peninsula myself I know how amazing the area is, but you don't often stay in accomodation around your own house. From Dunalley I could see that there was a thick mist hanging over the Tasman Peninsula, but once I arrived the mist was gone and the sun was out. Perfect day to use natural light for the interior and exterior shots that were on the planning.

Throughout the day I used a Canon 6D with a Sigma Art 24-105 F4 and a Canon EF 20-35 (3.5-5.6) for the tighter areas together with a small flash to help light out the interiors where needed.

The Port Arthur Holiday park looks like a great place to stay with lots of choice ranging from luxury to an unpowered tent! I have included a couple of example shots just below. If you are looking for interior shots or other kind of photography, head over to the contact page and shoot me a message


High Tea & Cafe Society Exhibition at Twelve Stones, Pontville

I am looking forward to the first Tasmanian Creative Studio ART MARKET at the Twelve Stones Restaurant in Pontville! The aim of this exhibition is to create works that connect with the theme of High Tea & Cafe Society.

My thought process behind the images was the fact that we live in a state full with exquisite food, drinks and attractions. One of the first things people do nowadays is taking a picture of their food or drink with their Instagram account. Due to the nature of the exhibition being held with a 30cm boundary, this played in perfectly with the original orientation of Instagram. Back to basic of sorts! The images have been edited to ‘look like’ Instagram filters. 

This exhibition will take place inside the fabulous Twelve Stones Restaurant on Saturday December 9th. The market will run from 3.30 - 5.30 pm and during market hours Twelve Stones will be offering food from their enticing new 'small time' menu, coffee, cake and their full selection of delectable wines and other beverages. I will be certain to have a taste of their menu!



Etsy Made Local Market 25/26 November

I'll be at the Hobart Etsy Made Local Market on Sunday November 26th. A great market full of creators like myself. ArtByMelope & her Etsy Store (my better half!) will also be there with her paintings for sale.

Come along to the Hobart showgrounds to browse my range of greeting cards, prints and framed works, and to pick up a special discount to use in the online store just in time for Christmas!

If you can't wait till the Etsy market with your order, just contact me via the Etsy store

Garlic Feast Cookbook wins Gourmand 2017 Worlds Best Self Published Cookbook

By now you will probably get tired of me rambling on about the Garlic Feast Cookbook. But about a week ago something pretty awesome happened! 

The Garlic Feast Cookbook winning the Gourmand Award 2017 for Worlds Best Self Published Cookbook!

An amazing achievement by Janice Sutton as she changed a dream into reality and made all the little bits and pieces fit together. It has been my absolute pleasure to have photographed the stunning dishes from amazing chefs such as Bronwyn Strange, Paul Foreman, Craig Volant, Ben Bate & Sam Berechree. 

Looking forward to hear what Janice is up to now! If you are too, check out her website to keep up to date.