Preparations for Dichotomy exhibition underway

With our exhibition coming up fast, I have created postcards from every print. These will be available for purchase at the Inka Gallery from Friday 17th Feb, 5.30pm onwards!

The bigger versions will be available for purchase as well. They are still at Imagetec waiting for pick-up!

Have a look below for some examples of the cards and hopefully we will see you at the Exhibition opening on Friday 17th Feb 5.30pm


Dichotomy Exhibition

Dichotomy Exhibition

One location, two perspectives.

Jhon and Mel often work together and find inspiration from similar seascapes, share a studio space and support one another’s creative practice, yet their finished works end up very different to one another.

Dichotomy showcases a painter’s perspective versus a photographer’s perspective of some stunning Tasmanian seascapes.

Jhon's website - 
Mel's website -

Dichotomy is exhibited from 17/02/2017 til 09/03/2017

Inka Gallery opening hours:
Mon to Sat, 10.00 - 17.00
Sun, 10.00 - 16.00

Our shop is now live!

We have started to populate the shop! Prints are available in different sizes and will have FREE shipping throughout Australia. Keep on checking in over time, because we are adding more and more prints every week!

Have a look below for some examples;

Fossil Cove
from 5.00
Sentinel Range
from 5.00
Sim City
from 5.00

Having photos in an Award Winning Cook Book!

Having photos in an Award Winning Cook Book!

Great news!

I worked on a delicious photography project called 'The Garlic Feast Cook Book' a while back. The book was an initiative from Janice Sutton and many content creators, myself included.

The Garlic Feast Cook Book made by Janice Sutton has been awarded not ONE but TWO Gourmand awards. The book received 'Best Australian Cookbook' & 'Best Self Published Cookbook' in Australia! 

" This book is a masterpiece, with world class content, photography, design and production. Garlic is truly international, very much loved in many countries. This book deserves to be translated and promoted around the world."
Edouard Cointreau, President of the Jury - Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

It will now compete in its respective categories against winners from other countries for the Best in the World. I am rooting for Janice & everyone who worked on the Garlic Feast Cook Book!

Blog has gone live

New posts will be published on this page in the near future. In the meantime, have a look at my store for some of my prints.